English Storybooks



柴犬  羊駝 英文 故事書

The Baby Animals series consists of captivating stories narrated by the baby animals themselves. In each story, young children learn about the baby animal's life and its habitat. The vivid illustrations and lovely plush toy will give readers a fun reading experience.

貓貓 英文 故事書

Mirabelle is an ordinary girl who has an extraordinary kitten called Milo. He seems quiet and indifferent to everything around him, but when he goes 'Meow, meow, MEOOOW!' strangest things happen. Milo is the cutest kitten you have ever met and every day is a new adventure for him. Children will enjoy reading about Mirabelle and Milo's adventures. 

恐龍 英文 故事書

Dash and Dawn are two baby dinosaurs. They are Ashton's pets and he keeps them in his garden. This series is about how Ashton grows up and learns about the world with his two pets. His adventures will seem familiar but different. Children can easily relate their lives with Ashton's and find these stories creative, fascinating and full of humour.